Town Hopper Tours - FAQs

Why do you leave from Newark Penn Station?

  • We wanted to leave from Manhattan but the legalities involved in that were complicated and the cost was too high. The next best option became Newark Penn Station for its close proximity and direct 18-minute rail commute. If you're traveling from New York Penn Station to Newark Penn Station we suggest you take:
  • The 9:07 am, North Jersey Coast #7229 train, which arrives at Newark Penn Station at 9:25 am, or
  • The 9:14 am, Northeast Corridor #7829 train, which arrives at Newark Penn Station at 9:32 am

What Happens when I make my online reservation?

  • When you complete your reservation online you will receive an automated confirmation securing your spot on our tour on your selected date. In the days in advance of the tour we will email you our designated meeting spot at Newark Penn Station where we will board the luxury mini bus together. 

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Within 2 weeks of your tour date, tickets are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled. All tours run regardless of weather conditions. We cannot issue refunds for people who arrive late and/or no-shows. Due to the attention, organization, and small group size of each tour, it's important to take careful note of our cancellation policy. 

Cancellations must be communicated by email to the address listed in your confirmation email (which is townhoppertours [at] no less than 14 days before your scheduled tour date to request and receive a full refund. Any requests received with less than 14-days written (email) notice will not be refunded or rescheduled. Refunds will be issued to the same credit card from which the payment was made. Please remember, we cannot issue refunds for late or no-shows.

If you have any questions please call (917) 202-8514 or email townhoppertours [at]

Can I bring my child?

  • Children ages 12-and-up are allowed on the tour provided they are accompanied by an adult and a ticket has been purchased for the child.

What if I'm late?

  • Yikes! We cannot wait. Town Hopper Tours is the most effective way for people to visit several New Jersey towns in a short amount of time. We are conscientious that some town hoppers have hired babysitters that must be relieved at a set time, and others have their own timing needs. Therefore, please be on time. Your only recourse could be to meet us at a New Jersey town as we prepare to drive up to it, then you may hop on. We cannot issue refunds for late arrivals who miss the bus and/or no-shows.

Do I have to reserve? Can't I just show up and pay in cash?

  • Tickets for all tours must be purchased in advanced and online. We keep the tours purposely cozy and seating is limited. If you'd like to attend, it's advised you make your reservation early and keep our cancellation policy in mind.

The tour is sold out, is there a waiting list?

  • Yes! When a tour sells out, we start a waiting list. If you're receiving a notification that there aren't any seats left, please email us at townhoppertours [at] and we will let you know if something becomes available.

How much walking is involved?

  • None, really. We will meet at a designated spot at Newark Penn Station where we will board the bus together. Near the half-way mark we will stop to stretch our legs and there will be a 10-minute break to grab a quick drink and use the restroom. Then it's back on the bus. The tour runs from 9:45 am sharp till around 12:45 pm. Please plan to arrive at 9:30 am; we leave at 9:45 am and are unable to wait for anyone who is running late.

Are you going to push me toward a neighborhood or home? You're not in cahoots with a realty are you?

  • Nope. We are not realtors and we don't sell homes. We don't profit in any way on the sale of any property. We're a couple who, much like you, has been considering buying a home in New Jersey and are sharing our learnings with you in the most time efficient and cost efficient way that we can think of. 

I have more questions. Who can help me?

  • We're happy to help you! Call us at 917-202-8514 or email  townhoppertours [at]