Transportation Between NYC and Glen Ridge, New Jersey


  • New Jersey Transit: Glen Ridge is approximately 30-minutes via New Jersey Transit's Montclair-Boonton line to New York City's Penn Station. A one-way ticket will cost approximately $7; a monthly pass is around $184. NJ Transit also offers various discounted fares, including Family Supersaver Fares and BusinessPass (which allows you to save on monthly passes by deducting a portion of the cost from your pre-tax salary).
  • The Glen Ridge NJ Transit station is located at 224 Ridgewood Avenue at Darwin Place, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028.
  • For additional information call (973) 275-5555.  Click here to view a NJ Transit rail system map. 



  • NJ Transit does not offer direct bus service to Glen Ridge though there is bus service to nearby Montclair and Bloomfield. You will need to budget about $9 and an hour-and-15 minutes for your one-way commute, in addition to time to arrive at the stations. The bus departing from New York City leaves from Port Authority toward Willowbrook Mall and costs about $11; usually bus 193 or 194 but to quickly identify the bus you would need at the time you need it; click here to select your starting and end points. At Willowbrook Mall you'd need to connect to Bus 11 to Glen Ridge. At the mall you could also choose to take the PATH train to Newark, then connect to the lightrail to Bloomfield, and then take Bus 28 to Bloomfield Avenue and Ridgewood Avenue in Glen Ridge. The PATH/lightrail/bus combination is a fraction of the cost at about $3. 
  • Once you've identified the right bus for you, return to this page so you may download a PDF of the timetable for your desired route. You may also click here to view a NJ transit bus map for Essex County.



  • Glen Ridge has a Jitney Service Program that runs Monday through Friday on a set schedule and costs $3 each way; fares may also be purchased in packs of 10 for $20 or monthly for $25.  To view the jitney schedule and hours/days of operation, click here.

The morning shuttle picks up at the following locations (order may vary) to cross-check locations with time, click here

  • Washington & R.W.A.
  • Cross & R.W.A.
  • Midland & Maolis
  • Appleton & Hillside
  • R.W.A. Station
  • Avon & R.W.A.
  • Sunset & R.W.A.
  • Bay & Forest
  • Benson St. Lot
  • R.W.A. Station


  • Glen Ridge is about 20 miles from New York City or an average 50-minute drive depending on traffic. Driving from Glen Ridge to NYC via Lincoln Tunnel will cost $15 cash or a $10.50 transponder fee; the Holland Tunnel will cost $15 cash or $10.50 transponder fee. When driving from NYC to Glen Ridge you can expect to pay a $1.50 toll.